Submission Guidelines

To submit the report electronically you will need, first of all, to have a username and password.

Please email and provide us with your latest excavation number. We will email out your username and password. Please be sure to check your email’s spam box if you do not hear from us within an hour or two, as your username and password may have been diverted there by your email programme.

On the home page log into the Submit Report section. Insert your username and password and you are ready to submit your report.

1. The ID number at the top is for administrative purposes and can be safely ignored!

2. Date Excavation was completed and Confirm excavation completion date. There is a drop down calendar to help with dates.

3. Year is crucial to the report, hence the confirmation box. Please ensure the year entered is correctly. If the excavation extends into the following year, or there is a second season of excavation, ideally a report should be uploaded for the year of issue and a second report (assuming that there was a second season) uploaded for the following year.  When 2 seasons are combined in the one report it can cause confusion for the editor, who asks for your patience in these matters!

4. The county  in which the excavation was completed can be selected from the drop down menu.

5. The author of the report should include their name, and the relevant affiliation in this box, whether the excavation was completed on behalf of a commercial company, research institute or government agency (eg Your name, Affiliation).

6. Please provide the address of your affiliate company or agency.

7. Site number will be allocated by the editor.

8. Site name. Please include details as submitted for licence application: include townland name in the case of a rural site or street address in the case of an urban site.

9. Site type: This should include the site type, as consistent with descriptors used in the Department’s inventory publications as possible, which can be found here:
Please use the phrase No archaeology found rather than No archaeological significance. 

10. Period/Dating: This assigns the period/dating for the site, as consistent with those time periods as listed by Hannah, et al., 2022. The dates for these are included after the Period title in the drop-down menu.
The full article and period dates can be found in Hannah, E. et al., 2022. Project Radiocarbon. Archaeology Ireland, 36, No. 3 (141), pp. 14–17.

11. Irish Grid Co-ordinates/ ITM Coordinates (Easting & Northing)
All published coordinates will now be in the ITM (Irish Transverse Mercator) format. For your convenience a convertor can be used if you wish to use the old IG or longitude/latitude reference system
For an explanation of ITM Coordinates see 

12. Sites and monuments record no.: Include if appropriate. For monuments in the Republic of Ireland, please use the full 13-character string for the SMR number (eg ME019-045—-). 

13. Excavation licence number. Please use the new 7-digit system on your licence.

14. Description
Please aim for about 500 words where possible. If it is not possible to keep to this, do try to be as brief as possible. What is required is a summary of the findings of the excavation.  Please do not include future recommendations; that is not required here.  Neither is it the function of the site to contain a repeat of any statutory report in all its detail. Please include links for explanatory details like, for instance, geology and relevant associated archaeology.

15. Image. Please include images to illustrate the site description. A map and one image should suffice. These should be attached to the site description box, at the end of your report. Where possible, provide a caption for the image description (the excavation license number will suffice, e.g. 23E0000). If using more than one image, please refer to the quantity of images in the description and label them accordingly (23E0000.1, 23E0000.2, 23E0000.3 etc).