2020:108 - Knocknashee Common, Sligo

NMI Burial Excavation Records

County: Sligo Site name: Knocknashee Common

Sites and Monuments Record No.: SL032-013--- Licence number: 19E0502

Author: Eoin M Halpin

Site type:

ITM: E 556002m, N 818919m

Latitude, Longitude (decimal degrees): 54.117441, -8.672970

The proposed development involved the formalisation of an existing walking route and consisted of the construction of a defined walking path to access the summit of Knocknashee. The trail was 1.5m in width and of standard construction – crushed stone 200mm deep top dressed with quarry dust and including the introduction of a terram-type geosynthetic layer.
Outside the Zone of Archaeological Potential (ZAP) associated with the Knocknashee Archaeological Complex (SL032-013—) the proposed development involved minimal excavation consisting of the machine removal of the vegetative layer, to a depth of 0.1m.
Within the ZAP, very limited excavation was proposed, with the crushed stone and quarry dust laid directly on the existing ground or on a mat of terram or similar, with, where appropriate, the edges of the path defined and constrained by low wooden kerbing, kept in place by shallow driven wooden pegs. In places within the ZAP, ramps and shallow steps were required, however this element of the works took place within areas previously disturbed by local quarrying, and elsewhere, close to the embankment of the hillfort, the ramp/steps were found directly on the existing ground level, which in this area had bedrock at or near the surface. It was also proposed to erect a bench and a memorial stone on the route, with both these elements also located within areas previously disturbed by quarrying. Throughout, the trail was constructed sensitively through a combination of lightweight machinery and hand work.
Monitoring took place in two phases, the first in August 2019 consisted of path construction, the 201m from the road to the boundary of the ZAP. The second phase took place in June 2020, consisting of path construction the 300m from the boundary of the ZAP to the top of the hill.
Nothing of archaeological interest was uncovered in the course of the monitoring.

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