2014:000 - Pouleenacoona, Boston, Tubber, Clare

NMI Burial Excavation Records

County: Clare Site name: Pouleenacoona, Boston, Tubber

Sites and Monuments Record No.: n/a Licence number: 14E0356

Author: Kate Taylor

Site type: Undated pit

ITM: E 535915m, N 701275m

Latitude, Longitude (decimal degrees): 53.058267, -8.956009

Topsoil stripping associated with the construction of a single house was subject to monitoring in November 2014. The site was in an isolated location in a field of rough pasture with topsoil typically 0.3-0.45m thick over mixed orange and light whitish grey sandy clay glacial till with occasional limestone cobbles.
A single archaeological feature was encountered within the southern half of the house area. This feature was a large pit that contained burnt material and stones in its upper fills. The pit was oval in plan, 2.85m by 1.8m and 1.25m deep with sides that sloped at the top and then broke to near-vertical, rounding to a fairly flat base with depressions at each end. The pit contained a sequence of nine fills, the lower six were fairly sterile clays whilst the upper three contained moderate quantities of charcoal and loose stones. The loose nature of these upper fills might indicate that the pit was of no great antiquity, however no artefacts were recovered and the feature remains undated.