- Glebe, Co. Offaly, Offaly

NMI Burial Excavation Records

County: Offaly Site name: Glebe, Co. Offaly

Sites and Monuments Record No.: OF006-136SMR OF006-062 Licence number:


Site type: Graves of indeterminate date


ITM: E 604924m, N 729595m

Latitude, Longitude (decimal degrees): 53.316608, -7.926093

The discovery of human remains (2006:26) at Glebe,228 near Clonfinlough, Co. Offaly, was reported to the NMI in April 2006. The remains had been found during the excavation of a pipe trench and grease-trap at a caravan park (the Glebe Caravan Park) in the grounds of the former Carrowkeel House (now demolished but noted on the OS 6in. sheet). The site was inspected by Fiona Reilly. The pipe trench ran from the back of a modern house (Glebe House) on the site in a southerly direction. The remains were found in the hole excavated for the grease-trap, 3m west of a newly built conservatory. The dimensions of the hole were 1.3m by 1.1m by 0.6m. In situ bones were recorded and removed. The remains of at least three individuals were discovered. Skeleton 1 had been removed before inspection; skeleton 2 was represented by a jawbone; a third skeleton was left in situ. Based on information from the owner of the property and the observations of Ms Reilly, it appears that the skull of skeleton 1 faced to one side and that the position of possible in situ foot bones belonging to this skeleton suggested that the legs had been flexed. The skull and feet positions of skeletons 1 and 3 and the position of a humerus from skeleton 1 over a long bone of skeleton 3 suggest that they might have been interred in a single grave. The presence of lime was also noted in the grave. Following this inspection, further work to complete the piping at the site was supervised by Ms Laura Claffey, National Monuments Service, who collected further human remains and a fragment of a clay pipe (2006:27). The SMR for County Offaly notes a graveyard a short distance to the east.229

228. Parish of Clonmacnoise, barony of Garrycastle. OS 6in. sheet 6. SMR OF006-136—. IGR 204975 229568.
229. SMR OF006-062——. IGR 205230 229580.