2004:0475 - BUSTYHILL, Dublin

NMI Burial Excavation Records

County: Dublin Site name: BUSTYHILL

Sites and Monuments Record No.: N/A Licence number: 04E0857

Author: Carmel Duffy, IAC Ltd.

Site type: Enclosure and Pit

Period/Dating: Undetermined

ITM: E 698623m, N 725848m

Latitude, Longitude (decimal degrees): 53.273783, -6.521333

A 750m2 excavation funded by Kildare County Council and the National Roads Authority was completed in the townland of Bustyhill in advance of the construction of the N7 road widening and interchanges scheme. The site was discovered during a pre-development geophysical survey (licence 03R150) carried out by Earthsound Ltd between 19 and 30 November 2003.

Four linear features were discovered during testing undertaken by Elizabeth Connolly in March–April 2004 (No. 473, Excavations 2004, 03E1731). Resolution was completed over two weeks in June 2004.

The site comprised a curvilinear trench, which described part of a circle, with two tangential linear trenches, one of which pre-dated the curvilinear cut and the other which post-dated it. Two small pits that both contained charcoal—one also contained burnt and unburnt animal bone—pre-dated the linear trenches. Due to the lack of datable evidence recovered on the site, the period and function is difficult to define.

8 Dungar Terrace, Dún Laoghaire, Co. Dublin