2004:0263 - BLACKWATER RIVER, Fermoy, Cork

NMI Burial Excavation Records

County: Cork Site name: BLACKWATER RIVER, Fermoy

Sites and Monuments Record No.: N/A Licence number: 04D070, 04R118

Author: Julianna O'Donoghue, Eachtra Archaeological Projects

Site type: No archaeology found

Period/Dating: N/A

ITM: E 581954m, N 598756m

Latitude, Longitude (decimal degrees): 52.140367, -8.263634

An impact assessment relating to a proposal to construct a new bridge over the Blackwater River at Fermoy, Co. Cork, was undertaken in May 2004. The new bridge is a strategic viaduct of a new section of the N8 Rathcormac/Fermoy bypass, currently under construction. The riparian and intra-riverine works associated with this project include the construction of access roads, two settlement ponds and associated pile trenching, two river-edge hard stands to construct two coffer dams and temporary mid-channel piling. An investigative dive survey and underwater metal detection comprised the major components of the AIA assessment. The river is 47m wide at the construction site and is around 2–2.5m deep. The centre of the riverbed comprises small gravel with very little vegetation, possibly due to self-scouring from heavy and regular run-throughs. As one approaches both sides, sediment builds up rapidly and visibility (which extends to around 4m in mid-channel) is then reduced to near zero. The heavy sediment and frequent sunken trees and branches impeded the survey. No archaeological features or artefacts were noted at the proposed construction site, either in the river or in its associated riparian environs.

Ballycurreen Industrial Estate, Kinsale Road, Cork