2004:0150 - RIVER FERGUS AT Clareabbey/Skehanagh, Clare

NMI Burial Excavation Records

County: Clare Site name: RIVER FERGUS AT Clareabbey/Skehanagh

Sites and Monuments Record No.: N/A Licence number: 02D130, 02R200

Author: Eoghan Kieran, on behalf of Margaret Gowen & Co. Ltd.

Site type: Excavation - miscellaneous

Period/Dating: Undetermined

ITM: E 535488m, N 675116m

Latitude, Longitude (decimal degrees): 52.823152, -8.957169

An underwater survey was undertaken at the site of a pipeline crossing the River Fergus associated with the construction of the Limerick to Galway Bord Gáis pipeline. Research indicated that the area was one of high archaeological potential, not solely because of the significant finds on the nearby Fergus estuary but also as a result of its proximity to Clareabbey.

The results of the diver survey concurred with this. Although no ferrous or non-ferrous archaeological material was recorded, the presence of a significant submerged landscape in the form of peat and timbers was noted in the riverbed. Peat deposits, tree stumps and branches were seen to protrude from the muddy riverbed at various angles.

Towards the centre-line of the proposed pipeline was a portion of a logboat. It was found overlying the exposed woodland. The discovery of this feature provides a further indication of the archaeological importance of this area, and the River Fergus in general.

In addition to these, a large number of angular stones were also noted on the riverbed. It may be that these stones are collapse resulting from efforts to apply stone lining to the nearby embankment, but they do not appear to be archaeologically significant.

210 Silverlawns, Navan, Co. Meath