2003:2073 - CHARLESLAND (Site A), Wicklow

NMI Burial Excavation Records

County: Wicklow Site name: CHARLESLAND (Site A)

Sites and Monuments Record No.: WI013-075---- Licence number: 03E0018

Author: Bernice Molloy, Margaret Gowen & Co. Ltd.

Site type: Earthwork, Structure and Cremation pit

Period/Dating: Prehistoric (12700 BC-AD 400)

ITM: E 729542m, N 709971m

Latitude, Longitude (decimal degrees): 53.124528, -6.064466

This site was exposed during topsoil-stripping for a dual carriageway between the R671 and Greystones. The road is part of a larger residential and industrial development planned for the Charlesland area. Fourteen sites have been excavated to date.

Site A was located directly to the south of SMR 13:6 and 13:7. Test excavations carried out on these sites in December 2001 exposed two enclosures and associated burnt-mound activity (Excavations 2001, No. 1351, 01E1133). Pottery located during testing dated these sites to the Bronze Age. The archaeological deposits excavated in Site A are likely to be associated with these sites and may represent the more ephemeral activity that extends outwards from the enclosures.

A linear ditch with three distinct cuts ran in an east-west direction through this area. It measured 47m in length and varied considerably in width and depth along this length. The considerable deposits of silting and wash at the base of this ditch would suggest that it was left open for a considerable period of time.

Structure 1 was located to the west of this ditch. Its internal dimensions and the structural post-holes would suggest that it was of a temporary nature only. One cremation pit and a number of animal burials were identified to the north of the ditch. A curvilinear feature measuring c. 10m in length was excavated to the south of the linear feature. Several sherds of Bronze Age pottery were found in its fill. The cut had a gradual break of top and base slope with c. 45ยบ sides sloping to a rounded concave V-shaped base. This linear cut may have been a construction or foundation slot excavated to accommodate upright timbers of an open structure or windbreak. Artefacts retrieved included a Late Bronze Age socketed looped axehead and Beaker pottery, which would suggest that the area was sporadically settled or settled for a long period of time.

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