2003:1192 - NEWCASTLE WEST: South Quay, Limerick

NMI Burial Excavation Records

County: Limerick Site name: NEWCASTLE WEST: South Quay

Sites and Monuments Record No.: N/A Licence number: 03E1949

Author: Niamh O'Callaghan, for Eachtra Archaeological Projects

Site type: No archaeology found

Period/Dating: N/A

ITM: E 527915m, N 633608m

Latitude, Longitude (decimal degrees): 52.449183, -9.060446

Test-trenches were excavated as part of an assessment in advance of an extension to premises on South Quay (formerly Goat Street) on the south side of the Arra River in Newcastle West, Co. Limerick, within the zone of archaeological potential for the historic town. The building to be developed is a three-storey structure that most recently functioned as a public house known as The Waterfront.

Three trenches were excavated by machine at the rear of the building on the footprint of the foundations of the proposed extension. Trench 1 was 7.6m by 1.6m by 0.9m, orientated north-south and located on the western side of the development. The excavated layers included 0.2m of rubble, 0.1m of redeposited clays and 0.6m of grey coarse sand, probably riverine. Trench 2 was 8m by 1.4m by 0.7m, orientated north-south through the centre of the proposed extension and the layers were similar to those recorded in Trench 1. The same can be said of the layers excavated in Trench 3, which was 20m by 1.4m by 0.7m and was L-shaped along the western and southern perimeters of the development. No archaeological features were observed in any of the trenches.

3 Canal Place, Tralee, Co. Kerry