NMI Burial Excavation Records


Sites and Monuments Record No.: N/A Licence number: 03E1185

Author: Clare Mullins

Site type: No archaeology found

Period/Dating: N/A

ITM: E 662867m, N 710361m

Latitude, Longitude (decimal degrees): 53.140065, -7.060377

Testing was undertaken at the site of a proposed sewerage treatment plant at Monasterevin, Co. Kildare. A sewerage treatment plant already existed at the site but was in need of upgrading as part of the Monasterevin Sewerage Scheme. The development site is located immediately adjacent to the River Barrow, which divides it from the lands of Moore Abbey. The complex of sites within the demesne of Moore Abbey (SMR 26:1–3 – abbey, manor house and graveyard, respectively) are positioned relatively close to the development site. A small area of archaeology was excavated in 1996 within the grounds of Moore Abbey just opposite the location of the treatment plant (Excavations 1996, No. 193, 96E0024). One of the features uncovered here consisted of a timber-lined pit, which probably was originally located closer to, or on, the river bank. Dendrochronological analysis of some of the timbers from this pit has produced a felling date of the late 8th century for one of the timbers.

Three trenches were excavated, positioned approximately evenly throughout the development site. No archaeological artefacts or features were identified within the trenches and the soil and subsoil were found to be significantly different to those observed on the opposite bank of the river during excavations at Moore Abbey. In addition, much of the area was covered by up to 1m or more of overburden, which had been deposited over the old ground surface, presumably during the construction of the existing treatment plant.

31 Millford, Athgarvan, Co. Kildare