1998:374 - ADARE MANOR GOLF CLUB, ADARE, Limerick

NMI Burial Excavation Records

County: Limerick Site name: ADARE MANOR GOLF CLUB, ADARE

Sites and Monuments Record No.: SMR 21:32 Licence number:

Author: Celie O Rahilly, Limerick Corporation, City Hall, Limerick.

Site type: Part of historic town

ITM: E 546962m, N 646946m

Latitude, Longitude (decimal degrees): 52.571228, -8.782416

This site lies to the north-east of the graveyard and within the zone of archaeological potential. The development consisted of two extensions to the existing clubhouse, one to the north and another to the east, and the construction of a new road on the north side of the building. A single condition attached to the planning permission was that an archaeologist be present to monitor all digging. When the site was visited it was found that construction was at an advanced stage, with all foundations cut, block-work in progress and the proposed new access in place.

In the eastern extension, where, at the time of inspection, the block-work was two courses high, what appeared to be spoil from the cuts was piled into the centre. It consisted of mixed, brown, clay-type soil, with a high stone content. Two small sherds of post-medieval brownware were recovered. To the north of the carpark near the main road was a long pile of spoil, which, it was assumed, originated from the site. A single sherd of medieval pottery was recovered from its north-eastern end. Also noted along the length were oyster shells, animal bone, 19th-century crockery, red brick and glass.

The presence of the medieval sherd suggests that there was evidence of archaeological activity that should have been identified earlier and handled in the proper way.