- Ballybrennan, Co. Westmeath, Westmeath

NMI Burial Excavation Records

County: Westmeath Site name: Ballybrennan, Co. Westmeath

Sites and Monuments Record No.: SMR WM032-113SMR WM032-055SMR WM032-063 Licence number:


Site type: Graves ofindeterminate date

ITM: E 635324m, N 741981m

Latitude, Longitude (decimal degrees): 53.426753, -7.468500

The discovery of human remains at Ballybrennan, Co. Westmeath,277 in October 1989 was reported to the NMI by Mr Jerry Sheehan, Moate. The discovery was investigated by Vincent Hurley of the Archaeological Survey Office, OPW (at that time based in Mullingar), at the request of the NMI.

The burials were inhumations that were laid lengthwise, aligned roughly east/west. At least six and possibly up to twelve individual burials had been disturbed. There was no indication of stone lining or pits, but it was clear that the burials had been placed individually, side by side. There were no associated finds. The presence of a holy well named Tobar Patrick was noted a short distance to the north-east. There was no known tradition of a church or burial ground locally. The landowner agreed to cover the burials and not to disturb them further. Some human remains (1989:57) were collected and acquired by the NMI.278

The SMR records nine monuments in this townland. These include an early Bronze Age cemetery (Vol. 1, pp 484–501), several ringforts and enclosures, a holy well and the inauguration site of the MacGeoghans.279

277. Parish of Castletown Kildalen, barony of Moyashel.
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