- Outrath, Co. Kilkenny, Kilkenny

NMI Burial Excavation Records

County: Kilkenny Site name: Outrath, Co. Kilkenny

Sites and Monuments Record No.: SMR KK023-126 Licence number:


Site type: Graves of indeterminate date

ITM: E 651233m, N 652087m

Latitude, Longitude (decimal degrees): 52.617609, -7.243411

In March 1981 human remains were discovered during bulldozing on a farm at Outrath, near Foulkstown, Co. Kilkenny.142 The bulldozing was being carried out in advance of the construction of a silage pit and the remains had been removed by the finder before Museum personnel visited the site. The site was visited by Mary Cahill. According to the finder there was no evidence of a cist or associated artefacts. The burials appear to have been extended and covered by a layer of large, water-rolled pebbles. As the site was completely disturbed, the association of the stones and the burial is not clear.

142. Parish of Outrath, barony of Shillelogher. SMR KK023-126——. IGR 251294 152043. A large number of sites are known from this townland, including two ecclesiastical sites, a church, a graveyard and a number of enclosures, earthworks and a linear ditch