- Carlanstown, Co. Westmeath, Westmeath

NMI Burial Excavation Records

County: Westmeath Site name: Carlanstown, Co. Westmeath

Sites and Monuments Record No.: SMR WM001-053 Licence number:


Site type: Graves ofindeterminate date

ITM: E 642609m, N 776512m

Latitude, Longitude (decimal degrees): 53.736511, -7.354190

In May 1969 human remains were discovered during clearing operations in advance of quarrying at a sandpit at Carlanstown, Finnea, Co. Westmeath.282 The remains were found on top of a sandhill that stood c. 30m high, at a depth of approximately 0.3m below the surface. The hill is known locally as Caltragh, and there was apparently a local tradition of a battle at the place. The site was reported to the Gardaí at Finnea, who informed the NMI. An investigation was carried out by Dr Joseph Raftery. The burials appeared to extend over the whole hill. It was not possible to ascertain the disposition of any of the skeletons, as most of them had been disturbed prior to Raftery’s visit. According to local information, human remains had been found at the site for over 50 years, and 45–50 years ago a plain gold finger-ring was found with one burial. No artefacts were noticed on this occasion, and the human remains were not acquired. In 1971 a report was received stating that further remains had been discovered at the site, but the Gardaí were instructed to rebury them locally.

282. Parish of Lickbla, barony of Fore. SMR WM001-053——.