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  • 1970:25. KNOWTH td, Meath

    Author: Dr. George Eagan, Department of Archaeology/U.C.D.

    Site type: Passage grave complex and Later Iron Age settlement

    License number:

  • 1970:26. MONKNEWTOWN td, Meath

    Author: Mr. P.D. Sweetman National Parks & Monuments

    Site type: Early Bronze Age circular enclosure

    License number:

  • 1970:27. NEWGRMTGE td, Meath

    Author: Professor M.J. O’Kelly, Department of Archaeology/U.C.C.

    Site type: Passage Grave; and Neolithic Occupation Site

    License number:

  • 2001:1291. Shurock, Westmeath

    Author: Stuart Elder, Eachtra Archaeological Projects, Riveroaks, Riverstown, Birr, Co. Offaly.

    Site type: No archaeological significance

    License number: 01E0532

  • 2002:1423. Balgeen 4 EXT., Meath

    Author: Robert O’Hara, ACS Ltd, Unit 21, Boyne Business Park, Greenhills, Drogheda, Co. Louth.

    Site type: Possible settlement

    License number: 01E0742